Friday, December 15, 2006

Year End Review

She has done it! Many would've had it done by now.

I should have done it too.

Guess I have been procrastinating a little too much. No, my job has been eating up too much of my time! Can I just quit my job, stay home and get my calendar done for 2008? Can I?? ;)

I take orders now! And this time, I will and I must get it done.

Please do bear with the typical scenary-or-architectural-kind-of-calendars that your boss, dad, or uncle may pass on to you due to an overflow of 'corporate gifts' for another year. Just one more year, and I promise a fashionably fabulous one for 2008!

I know it's wayyy too early, but stay tuned yeah! :)


ming said...

what ever are you talking about?

emila yusof said...

I would love to make one but time does not permits. But then again, I might just use whatever illos that I have to make my own calendar!

Rrramone said...

Ok, I am ordering one now! :-) Happy new year to you!!

Jessica Wong said...

Ok. Order noted!