Sunday, November 27, 2005

My Art Blog

This is my first illustration for my artblog. Basically I'm hopping to meet people who are willing to share design ideas and experiences with me, since I'm rather new here!

When it comes to art, I believe it is all about style. I love incorporating people and fashion into my illustrations (So far I drew only women, will try drawing men one of these days!).

Take a look at my work. And if you like what I did, drop me a comment! And do come back to my blog as there will be more illustrations posted!

My definition of Relaxation:-

1. Having my daily coffee
2. Reading fashion magazines
3. After a day of shopping!


Christine Lim Simpson said...

You illustrate very well. I am sure your dreams can come true one day.

ellia said...

your illustration is beautiful, girl!!!! i love your details and your environment!!!

Leslie said...

Wow - your illustrations are so subtle and so clean. Great work!